Izolde AB is an image analysis software company, based in Sweden, working with customer specific image analysis solutions. As a spin-off company with its roots in the academics, Izolde is endeavouring to develop and implement state of the art algorithms in the field of Image Analysis. We stress on the importance of fast, automatized and user friendly products.

Dino Muhic

CEO and Business director


An entreprenuer with a business sense. Technical licenciate in process optimization and energy efficiency. Background in pulp and paper industry and enviromentaly friendly chemical solutions for textile and nonwoven. Likes sports and politics.

Dr. Hamid Sarvé

Product manager


Hamid covers a broad area of image analysis. His Ph.D. thesis pioneered image analysis in the field of bone implants. He has also been involved in down-to-the-silicon-projects, including implementing algorithms of FPGAs.

Dr. Amin Allalou

Image Processing manager


Is part of Prof. Yanik’s group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), developing a high-throughput tomography system for zebrafish screening. He earned his Ph.D. with the thesis Methods for 2D and 3D Quantitative Microscopy of Biological Samples, in image analysis from Uppsala University. He was the creator of the widely used software Blobfinder that inspired the development of the commercial software, Duolink ImageTool.

Dalibor Jovanovic

Process solution manager


Dalibor has solid analytical skills due to his background as process owner and simulation engineer. As a Six Sigma Black Belt he understands the core of process optimisation and the benefits of applied mathematics and software development in the process industry. He has experience of working with projects covering manufacturing of piezoelectric actuators for industrial inkjet printing, biogas production and pulping processes.


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